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Policies for job applications

  1. There are indeed vacancies/no default candidates for public registration.

  2. Describe the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and threats of the new position truthfully, and clearly inform the rights and obligations.

  3. The process is fair/results are clearly explained.

Policies related to new recruits

  1. Give newcomers a moderate adjustment period

  2. Senior meritorious colleagues serve as mentors (Mentor )

Salary & Benefits

Our Mission

Our Vision

The advancement of medicine has increased the average life expectancy of human beings from 45 years in the last century to 80 years now. But longevity does not necessarily mean happiness, only health can highlight the dignity and value of life. We develop natural, safe, and effective products based on science, and promote the correct concept of health education, because we pursue "Let life not only live longer, but live better."

Provide a good learning and growth environment and conform to the "industry trend"
Established in 1987, Yiguo is entering its fourth decade. The health biotechnology industry has benefited from the government's two trillion double-star plan, coupled with the investment in research and development over the past three decades, and has mastered advanced European and American technologies, industrial networks, and talent cultivation. In the next ten years, Yiguo expects to grow at an annual rate exceeding the industry average by 20%.

Provide a good business growth environment, and continue to "invest and grow"

  • In the early days of its establishment, Yiguo imported medical consumables and skin care products; in the mid-term, it developed natural and organic products; recently, it expanded to special nutrition and nutritional care for chronic ethnic groups.  

  • In terms of research and development, in addition to cooperating with laboratories in Europe and the United States for product research and development, it also actively cultivates Taiwan's research and development talents and marketing capabilities.  

  • In terms of business, we are deeply cultivating Taiwan's professional channels and continuously expanding overseas markets, including Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and Southeast Asian countries.  

  • Looking forward to the future, Yiguo will continue to work hard on product development and brand marketing to build an international nutrition and health brand.

Provide a good humanistic growth environment and focus on "Corporate Governance" and "Talent Cultivation"
Compared with companies of similar scale at home and abroad, we have a clearer development strategy, a complete organizational structure (organization chart) and a clear goal and performance appraisal (KPI) reward system.
We have a clear professional division of labor and talent training plan, no office politics, encourage to speak the truth, accept opposition, set up a general manager mailbox, democratic and delicate corporate culture, so that employees are stable and loyal. And the business philosophy of "integrity", professionalism and "innovation" makes us never satisfied and work together to create a better future.

Modern Office
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Salary and benefits

Salary &  Benefits

Employees are the most important asset of the company. We value the value of "people" and firmly believe that "people" are the core of the organization; we firmly believe in a humanistic care culture, work performance, leisure and family balance, and hope that every colleague will be able to Give full play to your strengths without worries.

In addition to employee rights and interests under the statutory labor law such as labor health insurance and two-day weekly rest, more employee benefits are provided
1. Unlimited drinks in the healthy snack cabinet and coffee bar.
2. Staff gym and weekly coaching courses.
3. High-profile annual health check (employee's family members can participate).
4. Birthday, three festival gifts/rolls, wedding and funeral subsidies, and employee purchase benefits.
5. Employee travel (domestic/foreign), club subsidies, tail teeth, spring wine.
6. External training subsidies and public leave for further studies.
7. Year-end, performance bonus and performance appraisal bonus.
8. Praise for long-term and outstanding colleagues.
9. Staff and children scholarships and stipends.
10. Employee volunteer service.

​Interview Information

Interview Information

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Interview location in each district

Related vacancies

Please remember to fill in the basic personnel information form, please attach the photo file and send all the information to

If you have any questions about the interview, please dial 02-2502-7755 #1602 Human Resources Department, thank you!!

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