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​About GK

Our Mission

Nutrition and Preventive Medicine for 40years

Many people begin to treat health more seriously only after they become sick. How about using prevention in place of treatment?
Glory Kingdom was founded in 1987.  For the past 40 years, we have been promoting preventive medicine, through actively educating the health care professionals and the public about nutrition and preventive care, including a variety of chronic diseases, metabolic syndrome, helping people adopt a healthy diet and habits into daily lives, preventing before it happens.
Our vision is to "research and develop safe and nutritional products, promote scientific knowledge, and nurture a better quality of life."

We make Safe and Effective Products, Trusted and Used by Millions

GK's products include a complete range of chronic disease care and preventive nutrition for senior people, sugar-free and organic foods, and natural herbal health care products.
Our products has time and gain received quality awards and recognition from government regulators and 3rd party certification agencies.
From product development to manufacturing, we adhere to empirical science and principles to be natural, safe and effective.  We select raw materials manufactured by quality and approved suppliers from around the globe; products are manufactured in factories with BRC, ISO, GMP certification in developed Western nations with high-quality and effective Ingredients. Strict inspection of the product and random market sampling by independent inspectors, rogorous QA and QC check policies are set up to ensure that we proactively ensure the highest quality, so that consumers can use with peace of mind.

GK is entering its 4th decade. Our products have not only received recognition and won awards, but more importantly, we are highly respected and trusted by medical scholars, physicians, pharmacists, nutritionists and other professionals alike. We strive to be not necessarily the No.1 in sales, but No.1 in customer trust and confidence.

Our Vision & Mission

GK adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, professionalism, and innovation," providing safe and effective products, educating scientific and health care knowledge, and promoting a lifestyle of health health and sustainability.

Business Philosophy

Our Vision

The first brand in the professional channel of the healthcare industry. We continue to unremittingly "promote health and implement the correct concept of natural health care" to create a healthy life for the whole person (body, mind, and spirit). Looking to the future, GK will always adhere to the our core values of "uncompromising integrity, professionalism, and innovation," and continue to provide high quality products to help people live healthier.

Assistance at Store

Market Access

Our Channels

Over the past 40 years, GK has faced fierce competition and rapidly changing business conditions, keeping abreast of new health trends, introducing the most advanced and high-quality products, and passing stringent market tests; more than 20,000 sales channels, including department stores, supermarkets, cosmeceuticals, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, natural food stores, e-commerce, distributors and other channels.

​Company Culture

Our core values

 ·  Honesty
Honesty and uncompromising in Integrity

  ·  Professional
Continuously improve, stop no short of excellence
  ·  Innovation
Accept the opinions of others, continue to learn, and propose new ideas; challenge the status quo, provide innovative ideas that are in line with future trends, and implement ideas through actions

Young Businesswoman

Our Award & Certification

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