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Combining professional advantages and backgrounds, promote the disadvantaged care, nutrition and health, and transfer love and care to the corners of the society with scarce resources.


Caring for children in rural areas and hospital sick children

We provides tens of thousands of balanced and nutritious milk powders every year, so that children in rural areas and low-income children can get the nutrition they need in their growth.


Give out 10,000 Christmas gift boxes, provide picture books, teaching aids and healthy gums, accompany the growth of disadvantaged children and send blessings to major hospitals to visit sick children.

Woman Tutoring Child
Enjoying a Meal

Care for the elderly living alone

Every year, we cooperate with social welfare organizations and local governments that care about elderly issues to provide nutrition and health products, supplies, and medical equipment suitable for the elderly to care for them, and provide them with free nutrition consultation and health testing. ​Cooperate with social workers to visit at home, help organize the living environment, and show concern and greetings.

Doctor and Patient

Disaster and disease care​

In terms of disasters and diseases, We have done its best to take care of the social responsibilities of disadvantaged groups. Donations include social welfare organizations such as 921, SARS, 512 Sichuan Earthquake, Diabetes Association, Creation Foundation, Andre Food Bank.


Sponsored more than 5,000 health education activities for people with diabetes, and thousands of health education activities such as "blood glucose and bone density testing" in local health centers.

Doctor and Patient
Dog in Farm

Love this land and Taiwan farmers​​

Assisting professional rice farmers to open up market awareness, hoping to use this fund to adopt good rice fields, so that these rice farmers with the mission of "high-quality agricultural products-marketing the world" can increase their income, invest in technology and life improvement, and create a better brand , So that "Taiwan Rice Globalization" can be realized faster!

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