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40 years professional nutrition brand

Formula is designed to suit Taiwanese needs, which medical centers are designated use, and recommended by 3000 professionals include doctors、 pharmacists and dietitians.  


Medical center recommend nutrition brand

We attach importance to everyone's health, keep close tabs on materials、manufacture and delivery, and provide the best products for our customers.


Recommended by 1500 doctors and pharmacists

Professional nutrition formula authorized by Canadian brand, no artificial colorants and preservative. Food safety certification of SGS、HACCP、ISO22000 and SNQ.


Recommended by 2500 pharmacists in Asia

We keep the faith of pursuing healthy life, providing high-quality products,

developing safe and professional nutrition formula for all age.


Herbal health care brand

With an integrated system that goes from 100% organic farming, through phytochemical and biological research to production, at Aboca, everything is designed and built to obtain natural molecular complexes from plants that can cure people in the safest and most effective way, without the use of artificial subtances.


Organic nutrition brand

We design and produce products with "employees and their families eating at ease" as the starting point. From the origin of the raw materials to the dining table, we conduct more than 400 regular food safety inspections annually to provide the most worry-free and healthy choices.


Throat Lozenges

Italian selected licorice formula, natural and drug-free Licorice produces body fluid to quench thirst, giving you the deepest level of rapid comfort. Word-of-mouth popular products that have been sold for more than ten years


Speaker throat lozenges

Annual sales of 30 million experts lozenges series, selected herbal extracts. No artificial colors and preservatives are added, no sugar, no sodium and healthier

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CLW Pharmaceutical

It is composed of professional pharmacists and community pharmacies, committed to caring for the health of community residents, and has been engaged in health education for a long time to promote correct health concepts. ​Guard your health. Full score of health and vitality has always been the goal of Kangliwang's pursuit of hard work.


Patent Probiotics 

We design and produce products based on "employees and their families eating at ease every day". From the origin of raw materials to the dining table, we conduct more than 400 regular food safety inspections every year to provide the most worry-free and healthy choices.

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